Investors Head For Gold

Published / Last Updated on 11/08/2017

Investment Market UpdateInvestors Head For Gold.

Following on from yesterday’s story on market falls and the US/North Korea war of words, markets again today have tumbled at the time of writing (11am):

FTSE 100 is down today 1.15% added to combined losses for the last two days of around 2.2%.  That’s around 3.2% in three days.

Gold (physical) prices per Troy Ounce have gone the other way up over 3% in the same period.

Markets are clearly nervous and given the disastrous effect any military conflict might have (for example just one year in Afghanistan cost the US around 4-5% of GDP), it is no wonder that markets are nervous and heading for safe havens.


Sit tight?  Go back in?  Wait for the next instalment?  Difficult times to call investing when Trump/Kim Jong-un are having a ‘spat’.