Tax Year End Deadlines 2017

Published / Last Updated on 09/03/2017

Tax Year End DeadlinesTax Year End 2017 Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines.

The tax year end 5th April 2017 is less than a month away now but is that the real deadline you have to look out for?

We are now starting to see various pensions and ISA providers publishing their deadline dates for processing new applications or income drawdown requests.

Most additional/top up premium application forms should be with providers by the 4th April.  Some providers will accept canned copies but require original documentation with a few days.

None will accept post-dated cheques.

Some providers have set earlier deadlines for new pension or flexible retirement applications, some as early as 10th/11th March i.e. their deadline has already passed.

For most simple applications and lump sum payments, making sure you have applications in by the end of March should be acceptable but for more complex applications such as pension transfers and drawdown, you need to get moving now.

Don’t leave it to chance:  Call your pension, ISA or investment company to find out what their deadline day is for any action you wish to take before the end of the tax year.