Arnie The PPI Terminator New Adverts

Published / Last Updated on 30/08/2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger PPI Di it NowArnie The PPI Terminator New Adverts.

The Financial Conduct Authority yesterday launched a new advertising campaign to remind consumers of the PPI deadline in 2 years’ time.

An Arnold Schwarzenegger animation is in the new campaign designed to raise awareness that whilst £27bn has been paid out already in PPI claims since 2011 there are still many who may have been mis-sold PPI and have still not made enquiries as to whether they are entitled to compensation or not.

Rather than the usual messages of “I need your clothes, your boots and your motor cycle” or “hasta las vista baby”.  Arnie’s FCA message is “Do it now!”

The campaign is being paid for by the eighteen firms including banks, building societies and credit card providers who had the most PPI complaints.  Firms have also agreed to a number of steps to ensure that the complaints process is as easy as possible for their customers. These include:

  • providing an option for people to submit their complaint online
  • ensuring that complaint forms are as easy to understand as possible and don’t put customers off complaining
  • providing support to vulnerable customers who may need extra help to submit complaints

Dedicated phone line and online support:

Watch the 60 second video advert:

Watch the 30 second video advert: